Concours Debussy Clarinet Concours Debussy  2014 International Clarinet competition
The Debussy Competition offers 3 official prizes,
special prizes
Official prizes
BUFFET CRAMPON 1st prize: € 10.000

2nd prize: € 7.000

3rd prize Clarinet edition : € 5.000
Special prizes:
SACEM Prize for the best creation of Philippe Hersant: € 2500

VANDOREN Prize for the most promizing performer : € 1500
Rewarding a not finalist candidate

Students prize: € 1000
Rewarding a candidate for the semi-final
offered by Cyrille Mercadier, clarinets

Universal Music Publishing Classical prize: € 500 (scores)
Rewarding the best rhapsodie de Debussy
Scores to choose in the Eschig - Durand - Salabert catalog

Several professional engagements may be proposed to the winners after the conclusion of the competition.
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